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DJ Angel may have started broadcasting in 2012, but her interest in music and entertainment spans far from childhood.


If you ask her family, they will tell you they knew she would be musically inclined even before birth since she was kicking to the music of drummer before she was even born. She was a dancer at 5, a singer at 9 years old, and now brings her musical talent to Sword Radio UK and the world as the ONLY Canadian live DJ with the station.


She loves genres such as Top 40, Pop, Dance, Latin, Reggae, Country, Celtic, Classics, Easy Listening, R&B, and many more. When she's not on Sword Radio UK, you'll find her most likely at a karaoke bar singing her heart out or on the dance floor dancing the night away!


Where else does she get her creativity? .... Her other hobbies include traveling, photography, digital design and Second Life,  social media and internet research,  medieval reenactment, and spending quality time with friends and family.


Tune in to her show "Angel Of The Week" Mondays on Sword Radio UK at 12 pm-2 pm PST (8-10 pm UK)


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Follow her on Twitter: @DjAngel_Live

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