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My desire to be a radio presenter stemmed from a 1 day work shadowing in a local radio station in my last year at Kingsdown School for the disabled child; however my radio career started in earnest in 2000 when I joined the student radio station of Thames Valley University (Now the University Of West London) for a 1 hour slot, in the year that followed I worked my way up to secretary of the university radio society and then president having also become the regional officer of the Student Radio Association in my final year.


After leaving University I joined Hospital Radio in 2006 where I started in Sports Broadcasting as co-presenter and understudy of Saturday Sport. Eventually I became main presenter before moving on and presenting my own show called Pick N Mix with was a mix of music through genre and decades this was a two hour show that lasted between 2006 to 2011 where I left and joined Internet Radio.


Krystal Radio was the first station I joined to present what would eventually become The Spread however everything changed one day when an acquaintance then Japanese boyfriend introduced me to some Japanese rock music which changed the course of my radio broadcasting history. I introduced the feature the Japanese track which led to me showcasing my first new Japanese artist and the idea expanded so the show became a mix of Japanese Music, UK Chart and New & Independent Artists.


In 2013 I decided to spread my wings and syndicate the show to other radio stations having left Krystal Radio in 2014 also writing a magazine article on the odd occasion as well, and I got nominated for The Love Music Awards in the Best DJ Category of which I eventually won!


On Monday 29 2017 the final episode was broadcast after radio stations had declared it had its day. There was oner final goodbye for such a great show.


There was a six-month period where an extended break was taken where I started Karate and took a holiday in Mexico to concentrate on great music from UK artists, unbeknown to me, this would take the spirit of The Spread and would become even more international.


On 16 July 2017 the pilot episode of UK Independent made its debut on Sword Radio UK and on YouTube and arguably has featured artists from all over the world from Uganda all the way to Brazil. However due to rule changes and legal status UK Independent moved from YouTube to Mixcloud on 6 September 2019 where UK Independent has thrived.


In 2021 I won the International Singer Songwriters Association Awards International Best Radio DJ Gold Award and has continued to build full bonds with music artists, promoters and music platforms alike ever since



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