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My venture into performing began when I was a child. My mother encouraged me to learn to dance and sing by sending me to dancing lessons including contemporary dance (Stage Dancing).

My first ever stage performance was as a blue meany in a show called ‘a twist of Lennon’, dancing and singing to a song called ‘Mean Mr mustard man’. This was performed at the Towngate Theartre in Basildon.

My next break was while I was studying at Basildon college, where I was encouraged by fellow students to audition for a new college band. Well I was accepted into the band as a backing singer where I learnt how to perform and was given vocal coaching. We had a few performances, but soon I left college and the band went its separate ways.

Then my next opening came shortly after meeting James Tobin. He used to take me to the Bull public house in Bowers Gifford so I could take part in karaoke. This is where I met a DJ and vocal coach called Mark James who helped me to gain confidence and encouraged me to improve my singing and performing ability.

From there, I was invited to perform in a few local charity events.

Well unfortunately, The Bull was sold for development and so we all went our separate ways.

I ventured out to other karaoke venues, but it wasn’t the same. I also managed to get a few more charity events to perform in, including working with one of my dear friends, Mr Paul Davey.

I then found some of the girls and guys from the Bull crowd were convening at the Bowers Football Club in Pitsea.

Well soon after Mark James took over as the karaoke DJ again which was great.

Well in 2021, I started advertising for events to perform in and was fortunate to get a few bookings that were quite close together. I performed 2 classic tracks down at Lakeside for the Karis May Darling Foundation which were, ‘Only you – Yazoo’ and ‘Forever Autumn – Justin Hayward’, but my next break came when I was performing at the ‘Live, Love, Local’ celebration in Basildon Town Centre. While I was performing, I had 2 people approach my husband ‘James Tobin’, to ask him for details about how to book me for paid gigs. Well soon after, I was contacted by a community group for the elderly in Laindon and a care home in Chelmsford asking me to go and perform for them. So this is where my story ends.

So what are my goals and ambitions?

Well I want to continue to perform in local events and promote myself, to get more work in general doing something that I really love, enjoy and that I’m passionate about, which is singing and performing.




In closing, I must take this opportunity to thank the following people who have been there for me and helped me to get where I am today. I really couldn’t do it without them:


My sincere thanks goes out to:

Mr James Tobin – For being there to support me.

Mr Mark James – For helping to encourage me to improve my performance.

Mr Paul Davey – For allowing me to perform at some of his events.

Mr Steven King – For servicing and PATT testing my equipment.

Mr Martin Shaw – For helping to promote me and giving me general support.


So why not give me a call or drop me a message and lets discuss the possibilities of making people happy. So do it now!

Contact Details
Contact no: 07539 302 343
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