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Hello and welcome to The Sword Group information page. We have packed this page full of information about who we are & what we do for people within our local community. So we hope that you’ll find this page useful and will want to engage in some of what we have to offer.

Dana is a dedicated therapist as well as a semi professional singer & performer, plus a long time sufferer of Bipolar, and has worked hard in order to try and help others who suffer from mental health conditions such as depression, anxiety, Bipolar and many more. She is passionate about everything she does and she truly wants to help to break down the stigma attached to mental health. That’s why she has taken time out of performing to train in many fields and has achieved some astonishing results so far. Dana is determined to progress with her training in order to bring holistic & alternative therapies to the local community for others to benefit from. 

List of the services we provide:
Group & one-to-one Sessions:
●    Relaxation, Guided Meditation & Breath work.
●    Singing & Stress Relief.
●    Mental Health Support & Buddy Service
●    Depression Support.
●    Anxiety support.
●    Bipolar support.
●    Drumming Therapy.
●    Reflexology (One-to-one Only).
●    Chair Yoga. (Coming Soon).

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Other upcoming holistic therapies include:
●    Crystal Healing.
●    Chakra Healing.
●    Colour Therapy.
●    Sound Therapy.
●    Music Therapy.
●    Reiki Healing.
●    Tai Chi (For relaxation).
●    Qi Gong (For relaxation).
These therapies are pending completion 
& will be available very soon.


Contact our therapist today :

Mobile: 07539 302 343

Find us on Facebook: Click Here

Check out Dana Female Vocalist 

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